Nancy Charak, is a committed abstract expressionist who makes paintings and drawings in Tucson, recently transplanted from Chicago. Exhibition inquiries welcome.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

I will be participating in the Tucson Pima Open Studio Tour, c/o Studio of Greta Ward, 652 S. Meyer, Tucson, Nov. 8-9, 2014.

Space Gallery in Denver, “Surface” for Friday, September 26 through November 1, 2014. Opening reception is that Friday the 26th, at 400 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, 80204, phone 720/904-1088. Please come on by.

Conrad Wilde Gallery has scheduled some of my new watercolors in a group exhibit, “Geologic Time,” opening reception February 7, 2015 closes February 28. The gallery is reopening in a new location at 101 W. 6th Street, downtown Tucson.

Next year, “Black” is scheduled for November 2015, at Space Gallery as well. I will post updates as the schedules are firmed up with opening and closing dates.

Gallery Representation

Space Gallery, Denver

Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson

The Nevica Project, Chicago

Inquiries welcome.

Nancy Charak is always happy to exhibit her work and visits to her studio are available by appointment. All exhibition and commission inquiries are welcome.

Contact Nancy at 312/451-4268 or via the contact form for an appointment.