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An odd contradiction, if the layman were correct in his unconscious assumption that an artist begins with reality and, ends with art; the converse is true—to the degree that this dichotomy has any truth—the artist begins with art, and through it arrives at reality.

– Robert Motherwell, The Writings of Robert Motherwell, ed. Dore Ashton, c.2007, University of California Press

Nancy Charak, a native Chicagoan, now makes drawings and paintings in Tucson. Her work is represented in the west by Space Gallery–Denver and ARTEZONA Gallery–Tucson, in the Midwest at The Nevica Project–Chicago and Cerbera Gallery–Kansas City. Please come on by.

Rounder Studio’s workspace is located in the historic Steinfeld Warehouse at 101 W. 6th Street (at 9th Avenue) in Tucson, Arizona.

Recent Work

Cacophony Series: Perhaps in yearning for my urban roots, missing family and friends in Chicago, I started listening to Edgard Varèse, Karlheinz Stockhausen, letting the cacophony in and then playing it out with drawn pencil and scribed brush.

Geometrics: A continued investigation of linear ideas. Taking the lines for walks to see where they go.

Planar Violations: With this series Planar Violations, I am aiming for a stripped down vocabulary leading both and perhaps contradictorily to clarity and mystery.

Gestures: I did a workshop in oil and cold wax to re-encounter working in oils. These Gestures are some of the results of that exploration.

Tendrils: Returned yet again to a black substrate, picking up threads metaphorically from previous places looking at negative spaces, surfaces, undulations, disturbances.

Geologies: After a number of years here in the southwest the colors and layers of the earth’s deposition and evolution have seeped into my imagination.

Bonitas Canciones Series I and II: After a long summer working on paintings on canvas, I returned to work drawing on paper, in a new format, longitudinal.

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Gallery Representation

Space Gallery, Denver
ARTEZONA Gallery, Tucson
The Nevica Project, Chicago
Cerbera Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri

Nancy’s work can also be found on these select websites:


Featured in “Art About Town,” Tucson Weekly

Exhibition and Commission Inquiries Welcome

Nancy Charak is always happy to exhibit her work and visits to her studio are available by appointment. All exhibition and commission inquiries are welcome.

Or, call Nancy at 312/451-4268 to schedule a studio visit.